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CleanFleet - EV transition

Switch to electric fleet with confidence

Why is taking action now crucial ?

More strict regulations for car fleets

How to take action with Cleanmob ?

4 steps to optimize the energy transition of your vehicle fleet

Step 1/4

1. Collect data easily

Thanks to our smartphone based telematics solution you will not need to install an OBD device in your vehicles.

As we can leverage any other relevant data source available to you.

Step 2/4

2- Identify compatible vehicles

Characterizingthe real usage of each vehicle is crucial for a successful energy transition.

In addition to distance traveled per week or per month, our algorithms analyze key indicators such as exposure to Low-Emission Zones (LEZ), to public chargers, and other relevant factors.

Step 3/4

3. Design a tailored energy transition strategy

Our intelligent recommendations take into account regulatory constraints, real-world usage, your specific requirements and the and the latest powertrain options available on the market.

Suggestion of tailored Catalog of Low-Carbon Vehicles (EV, PHEV, ...) and Charging Needs.

Step 4/4

4. Select the Best Scenario

Minimize financial and operational impact on the total cost of ownership TCO.

Achieve maximum carbon reduction.

Optimize your fleet's Car Policy.

Our technology

Robust technical pillars

Easy to deploy
Multi-factor analysis
Intelligent recommendation of Low-Carbon vehicles
GDPR compliant by design

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CleanMob, drive cleaner, safer and further