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CleanMob's exlusive Virtual Sensors technology

The art of supercharging existing measurements capabilities leveraging smartphone sensors and connected vehicles data

Transforming raw sensors' data into valuable driving insights without any additional hardware

Digital composite of Car interface against person in the car
How it works

Robust pillars

Data Science and powertrain expertise

Our technology is empowered by cutting-edge signal processing, machine learning predictions, and physics-based modeling.

Scalable solution

With our cloud-native architecture in place, volume becomes a non-issue in the context of our scalable solution.


Robust pillars

Data privacy

Our commitment to data security encompasses GDPR compliance, a secure communication protocol, and robust sensitive data encryption.


We effortlessly gather raw data from any smartphone and multiple car manufacturers' API connections

Notre technologie

Un socle technologique fiable

Déploiement facile
Faible conso. batterie
Détéction automatique des trajets
Scores de conduite précis
Conforme RGPD by design

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