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CleanFleet - EV transition

Accelerate your fleet transition to EVs

Fleet energy transition

Don't know how to start ?

Deploy easily

Deploy easily

Thanks to our 100% smartphone solution you will not anymore to install an OBD dongle

Predict the impacts of electrification

Proposal for an adapted green vehicles catalog (EV, PHEV, ....) and charging needs

Smart recommendations taking into account the real use, your specificities and the technical characteristics of the low carbon vehicles on the market

Identify and prioritize

Taking into account the real usage and driving profile is highly important for a successful transition.

Additionally to standard weekly, monthly distances our algorithms analyze key indicators such as exposure to LEZ (low emissions zones), EV chargers, …

Select optimal scenario

Analyze the impact on the total cost of ownership TCO

Optimize your car policy

Our technology

Robust technical pillars

Easy to deploy
Low battery consumption
Automatic trips detection
Accurate driving scores
GDPR compliant by design

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CleanMob, drive cleaner, safer and further